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Creating the ultimate digital travel leisure experience comes with unique challenges

The savvy traveler expects more

Travelers will visit 38 websites per travel search.​


Enrich customer profiles by capturing both online and offline data and leverage this to tailor your messaging with competitive offers directly
related to your destination.

Reliance on social and mobile

42% of consumers look for travel inspiration on mobile and 40% actually book via mobile.


Align your cross-channel, cross-device experience with the traveler’s customer journey so that they can pick up wherever they left off, taking the effort out of booking.

The buyer’s journey spanning pre-, during, and post-travel

59% of pre-travel research takes place 1-3 months before traveling and 40% of travelers post online reviews after the trip.


Automate your customer engagement for each stage, breaking it down into manageable campaigns that keep travelers engaged at all times and benefit your business long  after their trip is over.

Bridge the gaps between infrequent purchases

80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers.


Focus your time and energy on identifying and targeting high value customers, as these loyal travelers will drive revenue with their repeat purchases.

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Digital Checklist

Need help with this list? You don’t need an army of digital experts just the right technology partner.

Leverage a DMP to capture behavioral data

Run behavioral retargeting campaigns

Integrate your marketing platforms

Send automated, behavior-triggered emails

Unify all your customer data in a CDP

Build lookalike audiences off customer attributes

Run acquisition and engagement campaigns

Build lookalike audiences off customer attributes

Send scheduled mass emails & newsletters

If you have an app – send push notifications

Provide a loyalty program for repeat customers

Build cross-channel campaigns for better reach

Use a customer journey campaign builder

Trigger messages based on brand interactions

Optimize your website for mobile

Use SMS to engage with customers on the go

Test! What works for one company might not for yours

Nurture customers with personalization

About Mapp Cloud

Mapp Acquire

Hunt down and convert your ideal customer online with Mapp’s data management platform (DMP)

Mapp Engage

Create campaigns that blow your customers’ minds with Mapp’s cross-channel execution engine

Mapp Intelligence

Use real-time customer intelligence powered by Webtrekk to turn data into insights, and insights into action

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Mapp Cloud brings customer acquisition and customer engagement together in one simple marketing cloud infused with data intelligence.

Customer loyalty is the holy grail of travel & hospitality marketing. Consumers look for the best prices and experiences, without attaching themselves to a single company. Mapp Cloud’s personalized customer engagement helps travel businesses deliver relevant and meaningful messages that foster brand loyalty.

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